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Formax Cut-True 13M

The Cut-True 13M Tabletop Manual Paper Cutter is rugged and compact with a hardened steel blade and LED Laser Line for precision cutting with minimal effort.  Simply load a stack of paper, up to 14.5" wide, secure with the clamp, and pull down on the lever arm;  it's that easy.  the back gauge and calibrated scales allow operators to make fine adjustments.

Formax Cut True 15M

The Cut-True 15M Manual Paper Cutter features a hardened steel blade to easily slice through paper stacks up to 2.36" high.  Its Guillotine blade and LED Laser Line combine to offer precision cutting with minimal effort.

Formax Cut-True 16M

The Cut-True 16M Manual Paper cutter combines accuracy with ease of use in cutting paper up to 18.7" wide.  With its hardened steel Guillotine blade, and lever-activated blade arm, it has the capacity to cut through paper stacks up to 3.15" with razor-sharp precision.  Using athe LED Laser Line, spindle-guided back gauge and calibrated scales, operators can make fine adjustments.

Formax Cut-True 27S

The Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter offers a precision cutting for paper stack up to 18.9" wide.  User-friendly features include dual-button electronic operation, automatic paper clamp, and LED digital readout.  Simply load a stack of paper, up to 3.15" high and press the clamp and blade buttons to engage the hardened-steel Gullotine blade.