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BPEC offers annual service maintenance contracts on machines that we sell and most other equipment lines that we can service and maintain.

Equipment on contract receives 1 automatic scheduled preventative maintenance service each contract year.  Plus any other necessary service and repair request are covered at no additional cost.

Equipment on contract receives prority service & in most instances same or next day service.

Your contract includes:  1 automatic scheduled preventative maintenance service.  Other requested service call, all labor, travel and mileage cost are included.  Consumable parts are invoiced at list prices if not covered by the manufacturer warranty.  Parts installation,  This all covered by the Service / Maintenance Agreement.

Our Service / Maintenance Contracts are a very good bargain.  They provide proper maintenance of the machines, less costly repairs, longer life of the equipment and most important less down time keeping the machine in proper operating condition... Contracts also hedge against price increases on service calls, trip and mileage cost

"A properly maintained machine saves on work force time & Loss on your $$$ Bottom Line."


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