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Coin Wrapper / Packager / Counter

Glory WS-21 Wrapping Machine

This table top unit for coin wrapping and counting, features the highest level of performance and product specification in its class, the WS-21 is perfectly suited for locations such as financial institutions, retail shops, casinos, and hotels. 

Magner 935 Coin Counter/Packager

Whether you are counting coins into bags or rolls for deposit or recirculation, the Model 935 has everything you need to get the job done.

Glory WR-500/90 Coin Wrapper

Rugged and reliable, these coin wrappers deliver top performance day-in and day-out.  The high-speed WR-500 counts large volumes of coins.

Laurel LPC2R Coin Wrapper

The revolutionary coin stacking mechanism frees the operator from the nuisance of replacing a coin tube when wrapping a different denomination coin.  Just reset the denomination dial and wrapping paper. Bagging coins up to 9999 at one shot is possible through the ten keys.  The Model LPC-2R is capable of producing up to 20 rollers per minute.

Supplies for Coin Packaging

Cartridge Tube Wrap

Auto Coin Wrap

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