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Currency Counter / Discriminator

AmrotecX-1 Currency Discriminator

The Amrotec X-1 is equipped with the most comprehensive, user friendly functions necessary for Single or DUAL tellers (Dual User's function available) and cashiers in low to medium cash handling environment. 

AmrotecX-1000 Currency Discriminator

The Amrotec X-1000 is a high performance & heavy duty currency discriminator with user friendly functions necessary for bank tellers and retail cashiers in a cash handling environment. 

Lidix ML-Series Currency Discriminator

The Lidix ML Currency Discriminator Counter has dual CIS Technology.  Currency-US Dollars.  Superior performance with Fitness Sorting & Authenticity Detection option.  The unit is equipped with quick booting system.  It has 6 different Image Acquisitions.  Up to 20 different Currency Processing.  Thermal printer. 


Glory 800-Series Currency Counter

The Glory GFB 800 Series Currency Counter has a 4 speed auto or manual start count selection. This series includes the most precise programmable counterfeit detection on the market (optional feature).

Magner 35-3 Currency Counter

The 35-3 offers automatic start, full error detection, adjustable speed, variable currency batching and accumulation mode.  Rated #1 selling desktop currency counter in the world.

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