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Check Writers & Signers

Widmer R-3-S Check Signer

Key Features

  • Double or triple signatures

  • Check endorsing Die Plate

  • Electric Security Lock

  • Wavy or Dotted Background

  • Three colored ribbon

Also available WidmerS-3 and SX-3 Check Signers
Widmer 776TV Ink Seal Embosser

The Widmer 776TV Prints a seal, date, signature and title.  The 776TV Ink Seal creates a printed seal into a document and prints a combination of signature, title, date and additional text.  Signature and text may be printed in single or tri-colored ink.  The print/Emboss trigger is paper activated.  No buttons to push or levers to pull. 

Document Signer

Key Features

  • Speed:  up to 300/minute

  • Dual key locks

  • Four programmable jobs

  • Two counters

Formax FD 150

Signature Equipment

The Secure, Efficient Check Signing Solution

Looking for a simple, secure solution that separates the check signing function?  WySign holds the key!  For organizations that want to separate check signing and printing.  WySign  eliminates the drawbacks of a noisy, cumbersome mechanical check signers-providing a streamline approach that turns you laser or inkjet printer into a secure check signer.

Learn more about this system by calling BPEC 316-838-4466

Need to sign and print check in a single pass?

CONSIDER THE WYCOM ENTERPRISE!  WyChecks provides a simple, seamless and secure solution for check signing, printing an archiving.  You can easily add on a solution to create personalized starter or temporary checks on the spot for improved account holder satisfaction.

Browser-based simplicity

Tremendous security

Multiple printer support

Flexible options

Fraud protection

Better control

Improved efficiency

Automatic archival

Cost savings

Simple set up

Easy administration

Learn more about this system by calling BPEC 316-838-4466

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